Statement of Condition At the Close of Business June 30, 2018

Cash & Due from Banks $3,063,000
Held to Maturity $4,767,000
Available for Sale $29,979,000
Federal Funds Sold $0
Loans $38,347,000
Premises and Fixed Assets $6,127,000
Other Assets $1,117,000
Total Assets $83,400,000
Liabilities & Capital
Deposits $70,594,000
Federal Funds Purchased $400,000
Other Liabilities $4,660,000
Total Liabilities $75,654,000
Capital $7,746,000
Surplus $1,617,000
Total Capital $7,746,000
Total Liabilities & Capital $83,400,000

Board of Directors

  • Martin A. Canales, Jr.
  • Orlando Rodriguez
  • Roberto A. Salinas
  • Ignacio Mijares
  • Lucio E. Gonzales, Jr.
  • Juan Carlos Saenz


Martin A. Canales, Jr. Chairman of the Board
Orlando Rodriguez Secretary to the Board
Roberto A. Salinas President & CEO
Lucio E. Gonzalez, Jr. Executive Vice President
Angie S. Canales Senior Vice President
Clarissa B. Alvarez Vice President & Cashier
Anna Maria Lopez Vice President
Raul P. Moreno, Jr. Vice President
Celinda S. Salinas Vice President & RGC Branch Manager
Veronica Rivera Vice President & Zapata Branch Manager
Martha Gonzalez Vice President